Our Denver Studio

When Dynia Architects arrived in Denver they moved into a neighborhood with no name. At the time the area was nothing more than abandoned warehouses, a single breakfast joint, and run-down auto-part shops. The frayed industrial environment -- one part tumbleweeds and two parts railroad tracks -- spoke to their studio. They quickly began envisioning and transforming the area into a new kind of neighborhood -- transforming old garages and abandoned buildings into workspaces and paving the way for a new creative scene. As artists and tech startups started populating River North, a moniker soon shortened to “RiNo”. The neighborhood includes dozens of projects designed by Dynia Architects including The Source Hotel and Market Hall, Zeppelin Station, Flight, Freight, TAXI, Kabin, and more. Dynia Architects has helped bring vision to a blurry neighborhood, helping transform RiNo into one of the hottest neighborhoods in America.

Since then, Dynia has continued to grow in Colorado designing homes in Boulder, Hilltop, and Cherry Creek; along with impressive award-winning multi-family developments like The Victor in City Park and Bus Stop in Boulder.

“In ways both small and extremely large, Dynia has helped create new landmarks for the city and, more than that, redefined a whole area of Denver for a new generation that wants to use it differently than the settlers who came before. His work is progressive and socially responsible in the way it uses materials, reuses existing resources, and connects to the environment. Few architects get to work in such open terrain where their voice can be heard so loudly. He has seized the opportunity, and The Source Hotel makes him a major, and potentially historic, force in Denver design.” - Ray Rinaldi, Architecture Critic, The Denver Post

Architects and Building Designers in Denver

When it comes to building an inspired space, teaming up with the right Denver architects is essential. We know that the path to creating the buildings and designs you envision can be a challenging one. That’s why the whole team at Dynia is here to help you navigate the process and bring your vision to life.

How do I find the best Denver, CO architect for my home design or renovation project?

When it comes to looking for a commercial architect, Denver is home to a number of talented firms. When it comes time to tackle anything from corporate designs to full-scale renovations, we hope you’ll consider Dynia to help you turn your vision into a reality.

Founded by Stephen Dynia, Dynia Architects’ work has been featured in print, film and online media. As part of Denver’s history of architectural achievements, Dynia has been recognized with over 40 major awards, and continues to lead the way in design innovation.

How much does hiring an architect in Denver, CO cost?

With a rich history in construction and design, both in commercial and modern architecture, Denver offers no shortage of inspiration. Along with its historic buildings, which have often led to full-scale renovations, the city boasts some of the most beautiful architectural pieces in the state.

While the investment that goes into hiring an architect in these situations can vary, one thing is for certain— if you’re ready to embark on any of these kinds of projects, you’ll want to have an experienced and dedicated architectural partner on your side. Whether you’re looking for an architect to help reinvent an old space, or create a brand new modern one, our talented team here at Dynia can help.

Although cost varies depending on each individual scenario, we’d be happy to talk through the project you have in mind, help to spark some inspiration for everything from your entryway to the parking lot, and have one of our expert architects walk you through your options.

Our Latest Work

At Dynia, we’re hyper-focused on our mission to create buildings and spaces that are inspired by nature and culture. We’d love for you to check out the most recent work in our portfolio and, if you like what you see, to allow us to help you create a space steeped in history and community.