Our Jackson Hole Studio

In 1993, Stephen Dynia, FAIA founded Dynia Architects in a residential basement after starting his career at SOM New York. This shift from cosmopolitan to rural - from designing for densely built environments to an environment dominated by nature - instigated a new type of practice in the West.

Over the course of nearly 30 years, Dynia’s team of designers have written a beautiful new chapter in Jackson’s architecture story. Some would say Dynia’s methodology and practice was the first domino in a chain reaction that pushed Jackson forward and away from the yesteryear style of log cabins and pioneer nostalgia. Through design, they have pushed the city of Jackson to embrace modern architecture with nature at its core.

The pillar that connects all of Dynia’s work is contrast. The firm’s work effortlessly blends spaces that encourage human interaction with the spirit of individual places. This connection with the environment, whether urban or rural, creates buildings and spaces that engage context experientially. The firm views the mountain west as a ‘frontier for new ideas’.

In 2008, Dynia’s studio was awarded the prestigious AIA Wyoming Silver Medal that acknowledged the practice’s ability to design everything from meaningful residences to significant civic projects including the internationally celebrated Jackson Hole’s Center for the Arts. Each project by Dynia embraces the central idea that architecture goes beyond just aesthetics and creates places that advance culture and daily life.

“Without exaggeration, it is clear to me that in the last generation no architect has had as much influence not just on Jackson Hole’s architecture, but on how Jackson Hole views architecture.” - Jonathan Schechter, Executive Director, The Charture Institute

Architects and Building Designers in Jackson, WY

When it comes to building the perfect space, working with the right Jackson Hole architects is essential. After all, turning your vision of the perfect design into a reality can be a challenging goal. That’s why the whole team at Dynia is here to help you navigate the process and bring your ideas to life.

How do I find the best Jackson, WY architect for my home design or renovation project?

When it comes to finding architects in Jackson Hole, there are a number of firms available for hire. However, whether it’s tackling a modern rustic home, or bringing a full-scale corporate design to fruition, we hope you’ll consider Dynia to help you turn your vision into a reality.

Founded by Stephen Dynia, Dynia Architects’ work has been featured in print, film, and online media. With a staff that has held positions on design review committees, been involved in academia, and served on arts boards, Dynia has been recognized with over 40 major awards and continues to lead the way in design innovation.

How much does hiring an architect in Jackson, WY cost?

When it comes to sources of inspiration for architects, Jackson Hole, WY offers no shortage of amazing structures and gorgeous views. With beautiful forests and mountain ranges, the opportunity to create buildings that are unique and pull from the surrounding environment is abundant.

While there is certainly an investment that goes into hiring an architect, the amount can vary. One thing is for certain— if you’re ready to embark on creating a specific space, building, or home, you’ll want to have an experienced and dedicated architectural partner by your side. Whether you’re looking for a housing-focused architect that can help you design the perfect bedroom, or want to ensure your commercial building visually relays your company’s persona, we’ve got the staff to help you realize your vision.

Have something in mind? Let us help! We’d be happy to talk through the project you’re envisioning and help to spark some inspiration for everything from your hallway to the parking lot.

Reach out today and one of our expert architects will walk you through your options.

Questions to ask prospective Jackson, WY architects

No matter who you’re working with, there are a few questions you’ll want to be sure you ask the architect potentially partnering with you during your project. A few you’ll want to keep top-of-mind:

- What is your process?

- How do you charge?

- What is included in your fee structure?

- Can I see examples of your work in my area?

Although there are many other questions you’ll want to ask during the initial vetting process, the most important things to learn are generally how they charge, how they work, and what you can expect. Likewise, you’ll want to find an architect that you enjoy working with (after all, you’ll be spending quite a bit of time together throughout the process), and a firm that you know you can trust.

Our Latest Work

At Dynia, we’re hyper-focused on our mission to create buildings and spaces that are inspired by nature and culture. We’d love for you to check out the most recent work in our portfolio and, if you like what you see, to allow us to help you create a space steeped in history and community.