690 Office Building

This speculative commercial building resides along the busy 5-lane road that runs through the town of Jackson. The building is sited on an abandoned propane station in what was an edge of town. The area in which the site is located transitions from the town’s walkable grid into a more scattered building fabric reached primarily by car. For this reason, the building extends fully to the available property lines to define the edges of the wide street and to create a gateway into town.

The skin of the building is layered to create patterns of relief and to scatter sunlight into varying shadow and texture throughout the day. A sense of entry into the building is created under a dramatic cantilever that has views to the east of Snow King Mountain. Views of the butte to the west are captured from narrow windows with extended steel jambs intended to minimize glare from the evening sun.

690 South Highway 89
Jackson, Wyoming
14,000 square feet
Completed 2010


2018, Buckrail: Jackson Hole Land Trust moves into permanent office space

690 Office Building