Boardwalk Cabin Compound

Located at the foot of the Teton range, this house of modest scale is in dialog with its surroundings. Through the separation of main house and guest quarters, this project forms an open garden courtyard in which exterior circulation aligns with distant landscape, gesturing towards the mountains beyond.

A board-formed concrete wall extends from the driveway into the main house and creates the principal circulation within the house. Clad in linear wood strips, these walls define the edges of the south lawn and provide an intimate outdoor space for the family.

The roof structure within the public spaces are shaped to draw sunlight from the south while highlighting views of the landscape and mountains to the north.

To the northwest two wings of the main house form a space that is further defined by the prominence and proximity of the mountain range. At a more intimate scale, the main house and guest cabin enclose a private, cultivated landscape to the southeast - a lawn for family activity amongst the wild growth of the landscape.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Main House 5,000 square feet
Guest House 1,000 square feet
Completed 2010
2017 Wyoming AIA Merit Award

Project Credits:
Dynamic Fenestration
KL&A Structural Engineers

Boardwalk Cabin Compound