Diagonal House

Situated within a relatively dense subdivision at the base of a ski area, this house required careful analysis to maximize natural light and views towards the ski slopes while avoiding exposure to potential future developments. An inverted ceiling form rises from the center of the public spaces as it approaches the perimeter, framing views of the ski slopes at the northwest and allowing morning light to fill from the southeast.

The corners are articulated by 14 foot-tall sliding glass doors that open onto terraces. Offset in plan and section, two-story private wings extend from a central pavilion and generate a ‘pinwheel’ plan with distinctly programmed garden spaces in each quadrant.

A restrained exterior material palette and simple formal massing respect the architectural context of the area. This attitude is carried through the interior with exposed concrete walls separating primary spaces and the folded ceiling plan floating above.

Teton Village, Wyoming
10,000 square feet
Completed 2010

Project Credits:
Dynamic Fenestration

KL&A Structural Engineers

2014, Colorado Urban Home: Foothills Fusion, Diagonal House

Diagonal House