Gros Ventre Studio

This 2500 square foot “studio” is located in a neighborhood bisected by alleys and containing charming remnants of indigenous outbuildings common to the region. The desire was to create a clean, open, contemporary interior in a building that outwardly referenced its context.

The primary form of the house took shape from the long, narrow lot. On the north end, which faces an alley, a patinated clad steel structure forms a canopy for the entry. This carefully scaled “cabin”, raised above the upper level to access a glimpse of the mountains, pays homage to the many sheds lining the alley.

The south end features a terrace above the garage that is an extension of the primary interior space. This space receives natural light from generous glazing along the east wall, and is structurally counterbalanced by the stucco-covered masonry mass along the west wall of the building. This wall also provides privacy from the adjacent lot. This functional “spine” contains program elements on both levels and is visible internally and externally.

One enters into a two-story atrium and is presented with a stair to the main level. A gently curved wall provides continuity between the floors and shields a bathroom and dressing area through which one accesses the patinated steel-clad yoga room. This wall stops short of the ceiling, allowing the uninterrupted plane of maple veneer plywood to form a canopy unifying the spaces.

Jackson, Wyoming
2,500 square feet
Completed 2015
2017 Wyoming AIA Merit Award

Gros Ventre Studio