Jackson Hole Performing Arts Pavilion

This performance hall is the central component of Jackson Hole’s Center for the Arts complex. It houses a public lobby, practice rooms, and a five-hundred seat theater for drama, dance, and music. The prominence of this facility has sparked lively community participation in the arts.

Entry to the site parallels the length of the street with a porch for gathering that faces the community. Upon entering the building, a full view of the town’s ski hill fills the lobby, a portion of which resides beneath the balcony seating.

The ceiling is angled up with the seating above it towards the view and the outdoor amphitheater. Grand stairs and balconies create platforms with additional views to the ski hill, linking the athletic and artistic cultures of Jackson.

The theater acknowledges the seasonal population fluctuations of a resort town with a two-tier seating configuration. Two-hundred seats in an orchestra level allow for an intimate seating scenario, and an additional three-hundred seat balcony provides the capacity of a full theater. At the building exterior, a wood slat skin unifies the building masses while providing sun shading and mechanical screening. The exposed concrete fly tower anchors the building and provides a visible marker on the skyline.

Jackson, Wyoming
35,000 square feet
Completed 2007

2008 AIA Wyoming Chapter Design Award of Merit
2007 AIA Western Mountain Region Design Award of Merit

ArchDaily: The JH Center for the Arts Performing Arts Pavillion, SD Architects Arts Design Collaborative, 2011

Jackson Hole Performing Arts Pavilion